Before starting his quest , Blab looked into the map to find out the place where he have to go. On looking in the map , he found out that the search for his grandpa is not gonna an easy task to do. Moreover the glow in Blab’s eyes turned to sudden terror as he found out the place he have to go first is “The Kuldhara Village”.

He knew that it is not going to be a easy part to go into that place even in the broad daylight. But without waiting or thinking more. He began his quest to the “Kuldhara Village”. After travelling 2 – 3 days he put his footstep on the land of Rajashtan. He went to a taxi and asked the driver if he could take him to where he want to go. Taxi driver with a bit smirk on his face asked ,”Where would you  like to go ,sir”.

As Blab told him the location. The smirk on the face of driver slowly changed to fear. And he ran away shouting. “I am not going , you should not go there too.”. Blab wasnt so shocked by the reaction of Driver. as he has heard about the “Kuldhara Village”  before.

Kuldhara Village is known to be as the Second most horror place in India. It is said that the people living in the village just disappeared one night , due to a curse. But it is also said that the villagers who left the village cursed anyone who would come on their land.

So , He asked more drivers but the reaction of all the drivers were same. So , he realized that he had to walk his way there. Therefore without any delay he started his life changing journey. After walking for few hours . He finally reached the border of “Kuldhara Village”.

Blab run An Adventure Tale Part -2


With the dusk falling he put his first step inside the border of the village. As soon as his first foot step touched the village boundary, a strong gust of wind passed through him. Pushing him behind. He ignored the effect as he was just only driven the adernaline to meet his grandpa again.

Ignoring what happened before he pushed himself more harder and entered the village boundary. On entering the Village territory, he started to hear loud screams and howling of wolves, he stopped for a bit. But without thinking more about it. He looked in the map again for the exact location or his exact target. After a few , he was able to deduce that the location was of a house in the village.So, he kept on walking. But after hours and hours of walking he couldnt found the house he was looking for. It was getting darker. Sun was starting to fade and night was getting its grasp.After some time , he noticed that he had crossed the same place thrice . He was lost , he was not able to think what to do , how to do.

In his lost state, he saw a shadowy figure few meters away from him. He thought for some time, but then. He shouted loudly “Hey , who are you ? “, as soon as Blab asked . The shadowy figure gave an evil smirk and started to run. Blab followed him asking the same question again and again. after running a few turns the shadow just disappeared. Seeming a bit confused to where he has come he started to look around him , after a few seconds.

Confusion on his face suddenly turned into a big happy smile, as he lifted up his map. And found out that he had reached the exact same place where he is supposed to be. Hoping to see his grandpa again, he sprints towards the house with tears rolling down his eyes. He entered the house to see no one there .

He lied down on his knees and screamed in anger on not finding his grandpa there. As a result the only thing he could do at that time was just to cry and cry and cry.He was sad that he had come all this way to find nothing . After a few minutes , with wet eyes and tears dropping from his eyes. He looked on the wall and observed that the wall not like the other walls in the house . And he noticed that there was some carvings on it too. He quickly wiped his tears and with more attention looked towards the wall. Looking with more focus , he found that the carving was a bit familiar. Furthermore He quickly recognised the carving. It was in the language that he and his grandpa used to communicate sometimes.

He took some time to script out the message. But after sometime, when he found out . What the carving said, His Eyes Glowed wide and red .

It said the Next Location would be “BHANGAR FORT”.

CHAPTER – 5 (BHANGARH FORT) Check the Link for Further Story

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