Born on 2nd October , 1990 , in a village , Uttar Pradesh, India. Since his childhood Blab has always been an adventurous and enthusiast person. He love to go to on dangerous or charasmatic adventures. He even prefers sports such as bungee jumping , scuba diving etc.

Blab Run


On the morning of 19th September , 2016 . As he was just going for a bath ,he asked his grandfather to keep the breakfast ready, but no one responded to his voice.He went to his grandfather’s room to look for him,but he found no one there. He searched other rooms but couldn’t found him. His face filled with tension and he was just wondering that his grandfather has never left like this. Slight tears started to come down his eyes as he was shouting madly , “Grandpa , Where are you , please come out, If you are joking please , dont do this “. But no one responded. Even though being adventurous and charasmatic, his life has never been a stable one. His life has faced many tragedies. when he was just 6 , he lost his parents in a car crash. Till then he has lived with his Grandfather .i.e., Mr. Sunil Singh.

The only love in his life was his grandfather. He put every effort that he can but still there was no sign of his grandpa. After months of Searching ,Blab lost all of his hope to see his grandpa again. This incident had an slight effect on his life. He doesn’t leave house for weeks , stooped talking to anyone. All in all he was slightly pulling himself towards the world of depression.

There was no clue to where has his grandfather has gone or where he could find him. He thought that he wont be able to see his grandpa again. All day staying in house , and all their belongings , made him miss his grandpa more and more. So to come out of his grandfather’s mysterious missing, He shifted to a new home.


Few days after shifting to his new house , while going through his old memories with his grandfather. The only emotion that could be seen in him was sadness and only thing visible in his eyes were tears. While going through grandfather’s belongings, He found his briefacse and with more tears in his eyes. He opened the Breifcase. In the breifcase he found a letter from his grand father and a map. A map ,Blab hadn’t seen in his entire life. He started to read the letter. The letter said:

I am going to find the treasure of my life , i have searched my whole life for this . I would miss you in the way , but i promise i will be back soon. The map with the letter is the location of the place i am going.
If i didn’t come soon , you know where to find me. Just remember son , we never quit.
Sorry , that i am leaving without telling you but you wouldn’t let me go if i had told you.
I am putting these things in my old briefcase cause i know in some point of time you would search for me.
Love You Son”


Reading this letter of his grandpa , Blab has never been more happier before. His eyes filled with Freudenstränen ( German for tears of joy). His filled was back with his charm and glow and there was only one thinking , that he just had to see his grandpa. Without wasting any further time Blab quickly packed all that he is gonna need and began his adventure with a hope to see his grandfather again and bring him back home.

CHAPTER – 3 (THE QUEST BEGAN) Click the Link for Further Story

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