To know where he could find his Grandfather. It was supposed to be a happy event but instead it was terrifying for him. Further more , the knowledge that he gained to his next location . It was nearly a suicide to go there “THE BHANGARH FORT”.

He didn’t knew what to do further more. He sit down for a bit and reconsidered again that. Why would his Grandpa would go to such place ? How did his Grandpa even found out about that place ? Why didn’t he had told him earlier. Many more questions were arousing in his mind. But as he was sitting there he heard louds thuds and cries.

He ran outside to see what was that sound of. Blab looked everywhere but he couldn’t found anything. He thought what really had happened. But he couldn’t find any answer to any of his question. He again heard a loud cry , he again looked everywhere but couldn’t find anyone. He was soo confused and scared too at the same time. As he was standing , he could feel someone behind him. He could feel the warm breath of someone standing behind him and heard his growl. His slowly turned back to see something he wouldn’t really have wanted to see. He turned back to see no one was there. Finding no one to be there , he heaved a sigh of relief.

The night was literally at the darkest it could be. he saw up in the sky thinking to himself that had he done something wrong coming here. But as he was thinking this , he was hit so hard in the head from back , that he become unconsious without even knowing what just happened.

After some time , he opened his eyes to feel a bright sun. For a few he wasn’t able to see anything due to sudden brightness and so much pain in his head. After a few seconds he rubbed his eyes and was thinking of what had happened to him. he was trying to remeber the events of last night. But as he was lying on floor , he saw something That confused him a lot he saw something he was familiar with. It was something that he had just seen a day before. It was the border of “Kuldhara Village”.

The only emotion he was feeling at that time was confusion. What really just happened last night ? How did I ended up here ?

But he knew all of his Answers were going to be answered only at one place,THE BHANGARH FORT.

He lifted his bag that was lying beside him. Thinking about all the events that happened last night , he started walking to the nearest Bus stop. From where he took the bus to his next stop.

After travelling for a full day , he reached Dausa Bus Stop , Nearest Bus Stop to THE BHANGARH FORT.


The Nightmare of every Person , The Bhangarh Fort , The most most horror place in the entire asian continent. Many words could sum up this Spooky and scary place.

With the cold wind and a bit hesitation , he entered the boundary of Bhangarh Fort . He walked in with a hope to see his grandpa again , but also the fear of what he might see.

The envirnoment of that place was so wierd and was filled with negative vibes. The way he was feeling at that moment , he had never felt such situation in his entire life.

He asked himself , “Where have I come?”.

All he wanted at that moment was to see his grandpa again . So , he whispered himself ,”Where are you Grandpa , Where are you?”.

He knew that this night is going to be the hardest and the darkest night in his entire life.

He could hear the buzzing of insects and the scary and horrific , howling of wolves. But it was so quiet and so loud at the same time.

He felt so uncanny and eerie.

In a scared and horrified state , he lingered towards the entry inside the fort.

As soon as he entered the fort , he heard some foot steps in some distance.

Agitated he shouted , ” Grandpa , Is that you ?”.

But what happened next , frightened him more.

The foot steps that were initially going away from him. Now he could felt those foot steps approaching to him , and faster than before.

He followed the direction from where the footsteps may be approaching him.

But he was only able to hear the sound but not anyone.

But there was something more than at the beginning went unnoticed to him.

He looked on the floor of the location sound may be coming from.

There was no one to be seen , but he saw totaly shooked him internally.

He saw that footsteps are approaching towards him, but no one is seen to be visible.

The footprints were coming towards him , showing that someone is coming towards him but was no where to be seen.

Before he could think of something.

He could see a figure forming above those footprints. Skin of that figure was melting like wax melts out of a candle. It’s eyeballs were filled with blood and were clearly visible to be a sphere.

Blood was dripping out of its mouth and its hands were looking burnt and nails was filled with skin or mass and blood.

Blab just stood still as he was not able to reconsider what was he really seeing.

But before he could react something , the horrific figure ambushed towards him. In his defense Blab ran towards an open gate to save himself.

He ran and ran and ran. Till he lost his breath . He stopped in an open area in the fort. He looked back but that figure was gone . So he heaved a sigh of relief and catch his breath.

After few seconds , he noticed where had he come and looked around himself confused. Asking himself, “Where to go now!”.

Further more he drifted himseld towards an entry into one of the gates visible from there.

But before he could reach to that entry point. The ground beneath him broke down and he fell down under. Falling about 10 meters he landed on a sandy way.

With a broken and tired body. He lifted himself up. And without having any second thought he started walking on the way he has seen now.

On his left and right sides , he could see different and ancient sculptures.

After walking for few  minutes. He saw an underground open space and a statue of an old king in the centre of it.

After looking for few seconds , he revised to where had he come. He had finally reached the treasure he had been searching for this long time.

Looking  around  for his Grandpa ,he searched everywhere in that place but couldn’t find him.

He opened the chest to see if treasure is present there or not.

As he opened the chest , he found something that was not treasure but that seemed a bit familiar.

After a few he remebered what was it , It was the Symbol tag of the infamous “Vultures Gang”. To his shock he thought but what had happened here , where had his grandfather gone and how did vulture gang come here.

But near the chest he saw something that said , ” Son , i know you would come for me , I would be waiting for you “.

This made him realise that his Grandpa has been taken by The “Great Vulture Gang”.

A new adventure awaits for him in his quest to find his grandfather…..


Further story will be carried out in the game Blab Run .

let us know what do you think would happen in the game and what are your views upon this Story in the comments section down below.




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